Alumni - Aditya College Of Engineering

Alumni Association Details

Name Department Designation
B.Divakar ECE President
K.Siva Prasad CSE Vice president
CH.Baby Vanaja EEE Vice president
CH.N.V.Kiran Kumar CSE Secretary
T.Veera Babu ECE Treasurer
M.Sri Mani Sankar Reddy EEE General Secretary

Members of Alumni Association

Name Department Designation Position
A.Ramesh Vice Principal EEE Chairman
T.Srinivas Professor ECE Convenor
A.Rama Devi Assistant Professor CSE Coconvenor
R.Giri Prasad Professor CE Member
Y.K.S.Subba Rao Professor ME Member
G.Veerapandu Professor ECE Member
P.Sri Venkatesh Assistant Professor EEE Member
G.L.Paparao Assistant Professor PE Member

Aditya college of engineering has its alumni association which was started in 2013. It has a governing body with Chairman, Vicechairman, President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and General Secretary. President is the senior student volunteer who looks after all the meetings, financial aids, and organizing various events with the help of the members of the association. Vice-president discharges his duties in the absence of the President. Treasurer takes care of the financial issues and other responsibilities assigned to him by the President. Apart from the Chairman and the Vice-chairman remaining all other members are students. The governing body members take part actively in all the activities performed by the alumni association. Aditya feels proud of its Alumni association which extends its direct and indirect help to the management and to the students through various means. It shapes the moral, intellectual and psychological attitude of the students as they get number of chances to participate in learning, discussing, and researching about the practical knowledge.

Aditya supports the alumni association to facilitate them to contribute significantly through financial and non-financial means. Aditya encourages alumni to provide structured feedback about the syllabus, exam patterns and infrastructural facilities offered by the institution and the valid suggestions are implemented in the upcoming days.

Alumni meets are conducted every year in a view to help the following batches. Some of the primary objectives of the alumni association are to create awareness about the job opportunities accessible in the present world, to craft their juniors be familiar with about the strategic methods to meet the requirements of diverse competitive exams like GRE, TOFEL, and other job oriented exams like RRB, SSC, Groups and etc., This association assist students to realize about special scholarships and free ships on hand to different categories of students based on their qualification and skills provided by governmental and non-governmental organizations. Especially, students staying in abroad motivate other students to find their luck in the foreign land. Arranging guest lectures, internship programs, conducting workshops and seminars, providing training programs and organizing skill development programs to enhance the knowledge of the students in a variety of technical and non technical fields are some of the most important responsibilities handled by the association. It assists economically poor students by endow with financial aid and by giving meritorious awards to the students who are good at their academics.

Every year College alumni association has its portal/link to get membership forms for the students.

In toto, Aditya’s alumni association is a great strength to management as well as to the students which builds an uncompromising bond among students. The association conducts has its social responsibility