Aditya College of Engineering

(Affiliated to JNTU, Kakinada)
Aditya Nagar, A.D.B. Road, Surampalem, AP – 533 437.
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Dear employers,
As industry is the ultimate customer of engineering graduates, its satisfaction about standards and content of Aditya College of Engineering products is important. Aditya College of Engineering always maintains a continuous dialogue accordingly. As the ultimate beneficiary of our quality product your support and feedback will help us to maintain the required standards of education. Here are some of the points to facilitate you in giving feedback about our students. You are requested to give marks in the box provided against each item as per the following norms.

Questions Excellent Very Good Good Satisfactory Poor
Ability to contribute to the goal of the organization
Technical knowledge/skill Ability to manage/leadership Innovativeness
Relationship with seniors/peers/subordinates
Involvement in social activities
Ability and motivation for social activity
Obligation to work beyond schedule if required
Overall impression about their performance