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CSE LABS | Aditya College of Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering Labs


The purpose of C-Progamming lab is to introduce to students to the field of programming using C language. The students will be able to enhance their analyzing and problem solving skills and use the same for writing programs in C. After Completion of the course student should able to Know concepts in problem solving, to do programming in C language, to write diversified solutions using C language, to impart adequate knowledge on the need of programming languages and problem solving techniques. To develop programming skills using the fundamentals and basics of C Language, to enable effective usage of arrays, structures, functions, pointers and to implement the memory management concepts, to teach the issues in file organization and the usage of file systems. to impart the knowledge about pointers which is the backbone of effective memory handling, to study the advantages of user defined data type which provides flexibility for application development, to teach the basics of preprocessors available with C compiler.

The objective of IT Workshop is to impart basic computer usage and maintenance skills and to introduce you to a suite of productivity tools that will aid in your day to day activities. IT workshop works in a learning-by-doing mode. It concentrates more on hands-on experience for the participants rather theoretical classes. It enables the participant to make the best use of Microsoft Office Suite in their day-to-day requirements and make use of it to improve the standards in the educational environment. The IT Workshop prepares the participant to have a hands-on experience in maintaining and troubleshooting a PC by themselves. The IT Workshop-Lab covers OS installation, basic unix commands, hardware components of the system, usage of application softwares like MS-OFFICE (word,excel,powerpoint etc..)

PC Hardware introduces the students to a personal computer and its basic peripherals, the process of assembling a personal computer, installation of system software like MS Windows, Linux and the required device drivers. In addition hardware and software level troubleshooting process, tips and tricks would be covered. The students should work on working PC to disassemble and assemble to working condition and install Windows and Linux on the same PC. Students are suggested to work similar tasks in the Laptop scenario wherever possible. Internet & World Wide Web module introduces the different ways of hooking the PC on to the internet from home and workplace and effectively usage of the internet. Usage of web browsers, email, newsgroups and discussion forums would be covered. In addition, awareness of cyber hygiene, i.e., protecting the personal computer from getting infected with the viruses, worms and other cyber attacks would be introduced. Productivity tools module would enable the students in crafting professional word documents, excel spread sheets and power point presentations using the Microsoft suite of office tools and Latex.