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EEE LABS | Aditya College of Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Labs

Electrical Machines lab

Objective -

The objective of the Electrical machines lab is to expose the student to the operation and performance of DC generators ,DC Motors , Alternators , Synchronous motors, Induction Motors , Special Motors ,Transformers and give them experimental skill.

Description -

Electrical Machine laboratory is conducted for the undergraduate students in their second year onwards. The course covers practical experiment on transformers: open circuit, short circuit, and load test; unbalanced loading and parallel operation of transformers; speed control and load characteristics of shunt, series and compound DC machines; induction machines: blocked rotor, no-load, and loading tests; operation of single-phase induction motors; operation of a synchronous machine connected to a large external source.

Outcome Of The Lab -

By performing experiments on these electrical machines , the practical knowledge of the students gets enlarged and that will very helpful in their industrial career

List of major equipment in the laboratory :

1A DC Series identical machines with starter M.S Base Plate lane joy flexible coupling make Benn, 3HP,220V,1500RPM.
2A 3 phase ,5HP 415 V,6.2 A,1500RPm Synchronous motor with excitation unit SI No: SM50.1009
3A 5HP,220V,1500RPM DC shunt Motor coupled to 3 phase ,415 V,1500RPM,3KVA alternator (salient pole)
4A 5HP,220V,1500RPM DC shunt Motor coupled to 5 HP ,220V,1500RPM,DC shunt generator set 5
5 A 5HP,220V,1500RPM 100A mounted type DC shunt motor with M.S Base plate & mechanical loading arrangement