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S.No Applicatio No Year Application Name Title of the Patent Area patents Status Filing Agency View
1 202141003016 2022 Dr.A.Ramesh Body Vitals Monitoring Smart Mobility Assistance Walker Bio-Medical Engineering Published on 04/02/2022 Intellectual Property India
2 202141054629 2022 I.Manoj Krishna AN INTELLIGENT VISION GADGET FOR VISUALLY HANDICAPPED PEOPLE BASED ON THE IOT Engineering Published on 04/02/2022 Intellectual Property India
3 202241012129 2022 Mr Y.Ravi Raju An Implementation of Effective Storage System in Hadoop Architecture for Dynamic File Selection in Big Data Analytics Engineering Filed Intellectual Property India
4 202241012572 2022 Dr DVSSSV Prasad System to develop cloud based fabricating method Computer Science & Engineering Published on 18th March 2022 Intellectual Property India
5 202141033818 2022 Dr. Y K S Subba Rao portable incense burner with automatic ash disposal Mechanical Engineering Published Intellectual Property India
6 202141057954 2022 Dr.R.Raman Combination Of An IoT Based Rural Village Micro-Grid Regulator Strategy Based On Smart-Grid Multipotent Modelling And Trans Active Energy Administration Values Electrical Published on 04/02/2022 Intellectual Property India
7 202241008278 2022 Mrs.K.Suma Method to Observe Fast Data Transmission Light Rays Bio-Medical Engineering Published on 16/02/2022 novel patent services ltd
8 202141044914 2021 Dr GSN Murthy Prediction of Crop Yield Using Agriculture Parameters Engineering Filed Intellectual Property India
9 2020103525 2021 Dr GSN Murthy IUML-Stock Prices Predictor: Intelligent Stock Prices Predictor Using Machine Learning Engineering Granted Intellectual Property Australia
10 2021100165 2021 Dr. U.N.P.G.Raju Automatic system for navigation of an agricultural robot using pixhawk Engineering Filed Intellectual Property Australia
11 202141049447 2021 Dr.A.Ramesh Agri-Tech Farming Revolution For Using PLC Solar Water and Fertilizers Pump with New Altered-Nozzle Computer Science Published on 05/11/2021 Intellectual Property India
12 2021107102 2021 Mr.Ch.UP Kumar IOT Based Automated Green Energy Management of Public Gardens Electrical & Agricultural Granted on 2nd Nov 2021 Australian Government IP Australia
14 202121018506 A 2021 Dr Marxim Rahula Bharathi B DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF SMART AIR QUALITY DETECTION SYSTEM BASED ON IOT Engineering Published on 07/05/2021 Intellectual Property India
15 202141016916 A 2021 Dr Marxim Rahula Bharathi B MACHINE LEARNING BASED BREAST CANCER DETECTION IN INTEGRATION WITH FUZZY LOGIC Engineering Published on 16/04/2021 Intellectual Property India
16 202141033795 2021 Dr. Y K S Subba Rao Development Of Multi-Sensor Smart Robot For Intelligent Border Security Surveillance System Computer Science Awaiting request for examination Intellectual Property India
17 2021102440 2021 Dr Guttula Ramakrishna Method for minimizing the battery power using mobile adhoc networks Electrical & Agricultural Granted IP Australia
18 202141055041 2021 Dr.R.Raman Design And Modelling Of IoT Based Cotton Picker Cum Boom Sprayer Mechanical Engineering Published on 10/12/2021 Intellectual Property India
19 2021102309 2021 Dr.U.S.B.K.MAHALAXMI An Efficient Iris Recognition system withcomplete local ternary pattern feature extraction and classification method Bio-Medical Engineering Granted IP Australia
20 202141035949 2021 Mr M. Venkateswarulu Nano bio compatible hydrogels for treating external injuries Medical image processing published on 13-08-2021 Intellectual Property India
21 201931040317 2021 Dr Inamul Hussain Development of nano electrical discharge machining (NEDM) system Mechanical Engineering published on 08-11-2019 IPR Mumbai
22 202041048017 2020 Dr. Pullela SVVSR Kumar A Novel IoT-Enabled Accident Deterrent and Tracking System Design Filed Intellectual Property India
23 202041041120 2020 Dr.B.Annapurna An Automated And Integrated Mobile App For Handling Roadaccident And Emergency Situation Smartly Electrical Filed Intellectual Property India
24 202041006657 2020 Dr. U.N.P.G.Raju Effective Density-Based Clustering Methods For Streaming Data Communication Filed Intellectual Property India
25 202041030719 2020 Mr.K.Manoz Kumar Reddy Safe Driving and Accident Prevention using wireless transmitter Traffic control Electronics Published on 31/07/2020 Intellectual Property India
26 202041035354 2020 Dr.M. Ravindra Multimodal fuzzy logic based variable pitch angle control system for wind turbines Mechanical Engineering Published on 04/09/2020 Intellectual Property India
27 202011046688 2020 Dr.M. Ravindra Machine Learning Based Smart Electric Vehicle Battery Management System Computer Science Engineering Published on 06/11/2020 Intellectual Property India
28 202041000402 2020 Mr.K.Manoz Kumar Reddy IHY-Pridiction Intelligent System and method for advanced harvest yield prediction using IOT based Technology Computer Science Engineering published on 10.1.2020 Intellectual Property India
29 202041006677 2020 Dr. Nalla Bhanu Teja Synthesis and investigations on mechanical behavioir of senna auriculate Zirconium oxide fibre composite Mechanical Engineering published on 21-02-2021 Intellectual Property of india
30 202021023894 2020 Mr KALESH BUSA A TRIPLE LAYER BIODEGRADABLE TRANSPARENT MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MASK CHEMICAL published,application is hearing Intellectual Property India
31 202021024064 2020 Mr KALESH BUSA VIRUS DETECTION 5-G MOBILE APP: AN APP WHICH ENABLES A MOBILE PHONE TO DETECT THE VIRUS (COVID19). CHEMICAL published,Awaiting for Examination Intellectual Property India
32 202041006676 2020 Dr.Nalla Bhanu Teja Optimization Of Biodiesel Production From Non-Edible BorassusFlabellifer Oil Using Taguchi Approach chemical Abounded Intellectual Property India
33 201941041198 2019 Dr G.S.N.Murthy Quantum cryptography based method for security and cloud computingprivacy in mobile Engineering Filed Intellectual Property India