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Surveying is the means of determining the relative position of points and the relative distances. It is an integral part of Civil Engineering education and training. Surveying of an area is essential for the design of all civil engineering projects such as highways, bridges, railways, water supply, sewage disposal, reservoirs and dams, building constructions, transmission tower, irrigation canal etc. The objectives of surveying may vary depending on the type of projects and requirements. The economic feasibility of the engineering projects cannot be properly ascertained without undertaking a survey work.

Surveying is the art of determining the relative positions of different objects on the surface of the earth by measuring the horizontal distances between them and vertical angle either in elevation or depression. From the observations obtained is corrected and plotted on paper to prepare the map in the suitable scale. Thus, in discipline, the measurements are taken in the horizontal plane as well as vertical plane.

The objective of surveying laboratory is to make student familiar and competent enough to draw map in suitable scale by using different surveying instruments like total station, theodolite, auto level, global positioning system (GPS), geographical information system (GIS), electromagnetic distance measurement (EDM), plane table, compass, etc. Students learn to survey from conventional as well as contemporary methods and technology. Our Surveying labs provide students with hands-on experience using common surveying equipment.

List of Experiments :

S.No Name of the experiment
1Theodolite Survey: Determining the Horizontal and Vertical Angles by the method of repetition method
2Theodolite Survey: Finding the distance between two inaccessible points
3Theodolite Survey: Finding the height of far object
4Tachometric Survey: Heights and distance problems using tachometric principles
5One Exercise on Curve setting
6One Exercise on contours
7Total Station: Introduction to total station and practicing setting up, leveling up and elimination of parallax error
8Total Station: Determination of area
9Total Station: Traversing
10Total Station: Contouring
11Total Station: Determination of remote sensing
12Total Station: distance between two inaccessible point